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Bystander Intervention VR Demo (2018) - Developed as a undergraduate research experience with Media Arts and Health Science students. 

Bystander Intervention Research

The following images are examples of videos that were developed using Unity and later used in a useability studies testing the effectiveness of the experience in bystander intervention awareness. Newer and more effective simulations are being developed as a result of this initial research with interactive 360 VR. Collaboration with Dr. Christine Hackman 


Diet Management Simulation - Developed in collaboration with Health Science for research in effective exposure therapy simulations. 

Virtually Healthy - Interactive VR Diet Management Training 

These projects are grant funded and aim to create immersive and interactive simulations for training and education, They utilize new and best practices with VR video and programmed interactivity. The images below represent training and therapy simulations under development for health science research and implementation. Simulations and usability testing have been done for  Healthy Eating therapies. Research collaboration with Dr. Suzanne Phelan

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